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Delivery is the act of taking goods to people’s houses or place. Uber, one of the most popular logistic companies in the world, announced UberEats service, delivering food to anywhere you want. Moving on to the health care sector, home doctors come to your place to deliver doctor appointment service for you. But what about your medicine if you have a prescription? It is now time to think about delivery service for prescription medicine and Over The Counter (OTC) product from pharmacy to your place just like UberEats and home doctors.

The main benefit of pharmacy delivery service is that you can get your medicine anywhere. When you get a prescription from your doctor, people can easily get it filled from the pharmacy. But sometimes it can never be that easy when you are running out of your time, you have limited mobility (e.g mobility aids or bringing kids with you), or you have some other reasons (e.g you or your babies are unwell and can’t travel to nearest pharmacy). How about if you order prescription medicine and OTC product on a smartphone app from wherever you are now? We all know going to the pharmacy and waiting for a prescription is not difficult. But when you are there at rush hour, you are highly likely to be stuck in the pharmacy for a longer wait than usual. If you use pharmacy delivery, you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

If you are,

– a person who is busy at work and sick of waiting at rush hour – get it delivered to your workplace during lunchtime.

– a person who just got a prescription from home doctor and is difficult to go out – get it delivered to your place.

– a carer – place order for someone who needs care and gets it delivered to the place, and look after yourself with saved time.

– a person who is spending money and time on transportation to the pharmacy – save your time and money on transport

– a person who takes regular medicines – place a monthly order so you don’t have to go to your pharmacy every month for your repeat prescription.

When you need the service, just call the delivery company or use the smartphone app and your order will be delivered with a few clicks, to your doorsteps in a couple of hours. All you need to do is send them a photo of a script and its original script, and the rest of them will be handled by the company. Hopefully in the near future, you might not need to carry a paper prescription with you as doctors might send the company prescriptions electronically.

Pharmacy delivery service will bring huge positive impacts in our life while it still gives you professional service with more convenience. Whatever your reasons are, the pharmacy delivery service will fulfill your needs and simplify your life.

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